Francis considered it an almost unpardonable sin to miss Mass voluntarily; he received Holy Communion very often "and with such devotion that he enkindled the souls of others... he was as it were spiritually inebriated, and frequently wrapt in ecstasy." One day a rather worldly friend asked him: "Father what do you do during those long hours before the Blessed Sacrament?" "My son in return I ask you what does the poor man do at the rich man's door, the sick man in presence of his physician, the thirsty man at a limpid stream? What they do, I do before the Eucharistic God. I pray. I adore. I love."

If he were prevented from being present at Mass, he would have the Gospel of the day read to him; in his own words: "If I cannot assist at Mass I adore the Body of Christ in meditation, and with the eyes of the soul, just as if I were present during the Mass."

The Life of St. Francis of Assisi
Nesta de Robeck