The center of activity and attention in most parishes is not focused on our Eucharistic Lord, but rather on social activities. "Unless the Lord built the house, they labor in vain who built it." Spiritual priorities are replaced by financial concerns. "My house is meant for a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves." In most tabernacles, Jesus is left unloved and unwanted as the world ignores the only One who can solve its problems."Take care of Me and My concerns and I will take care of you and your concerns." "If you find your delight in the Lord, He will grant you your heart's desire."

The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is infinitely appreciative of the love you have for Him in the Blessed Sacrament."The Lord takes delight in His people." This is why every holy hour you make changes the thorns in His Heart into many flowers of indescribable consolation. With Mary we offer to Him any suffering in our own life caused by the feeling of not being appreciated, in order that all humanity may come to truly appreciate Jesus in this most Blessed Sacrament. "They are happy who dwell in Your House... they are happy whose strength is in You."

Rosary Meditations from Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Fr. Martin Lucia, M.S.S.

Reprinted from Witness Ministries, a lay apostolate dedicated to renewing appreciation for the Mass as the greatest gift which God has given to His beloved spouse, the Church. Their mission is to show how, in the Eucharistic Liturgy, Jesus renews and transforms us–and the world–in His life and love.