On another occasion, when she was about to communicate and perceived that many were abstaining from it for different reasons, she rejoiced in spirit and being touched to the heart, said to God: "I give Thee thanks, my most loving Love and my God, that Thou hast placed me in this happy state, in which neither my relations nor any earthly consideration can prevent me from approaching Thy banquet of delights." To which the Lord replied, with His usual sweetness: "Since you have declared that there is nothing which can separate you from Me, know also that there is nothing in heaven or earth, neither judgment nor justice, which can hinder me from doing all the good for you which My Divine Heart desires."

On another occasion, as Gertrude approached Holy Communion and desired ardently that the Lord would prepare her worthily, this sweet and loving Lord consoled her by these tender words: "I will clothe Myself with your person in order that I may be able to extend My Hand to do good to sinners without being wounded by the thorns which surround them. And I will also clothe you with Myself in order that all those whom you remember before Me and even those who are naturally like you, may be raised to this high dignity, that I may do good to them according to My royal munificence."

The Revelations of Saint Gertrude
Monsignor Wm. J. Doheny, C.S.C.