The Lord's Supper, to which the Virgin leads us in order that we may partake of her joy, is renewed every morning. The table is always set, the Bread always offered. The Christian makes his way to eternity from Communion to Communion. At each stage in the journey, Christ is waiting for him in order that he may renew his strength and take heart again.

But let us take care not to allow too much time to elapse between these stages. Long before the grace of a Communion has grown weak in us, long before the silence and peace which emanate from a Communion have been dispelled by nature and the world, we must make our way into the radiant sphere of another Communion. Let there be no opportunity between two Communions for a period of darkness in which we would run the risk of falling into snares. We have nothing to fear if Christ marks our life. Hardly have we had time to lose Him when already we have found Him again.

A contemporary pagan poet speaks of this God with whom no excess is forbidden. How difficult it is to abuse Communion! The only requisite to sit down at that table is the nuptial garment, that is to say, the state of grace and love.

Holy Thursday: An Intimate Remembrance
Francois Mauriac