Appearing to St. Margaret Mary Jesus solemnly declares the unspeakable love of his heart, and says, "My divine heart is so passionately in love with men, and with you in particular, that not being able to contain in itself any longer the flames of its ardent charity, it must pour them out through you... Behold this heart which has loved men so much, which has spared nothing, going so far as to exhaust itself and consume itself in order to show them its love... " Christ is thinking, no doubt, of the multiple proofs, the incomparable signs of his love that he has given us; but very obviously he is thinking as the context shows, of the Eucharist which he calls his sacrament of love. This is evident especially in the last great apparition, for no sooner had the good Master expressed the immensity and intensity of his love, than he complains of the ingratitude he meets with in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.

In fact, most of the poignant complaints made by our Lord refer to the holy Eucharist. "And instead of thanks, all I get from most men is ingratitude, scorn, irreverence, sacrilege and coldness that they show me in this sacrament of love. What is still harder to endure is that this comes so often from hearts consecrated to me."

"I thirst, I so ardently thirst to be loved by men in the most Blessed Sacrament, that this thirst devours me; and yet I find no one who tries to slake my thirst by giving me some little return of love for love."

The Eucharist in the Life of St. Margaret Mary
Joseph Dargaud