The thought of the presence of God and the spirit of worship will in all my actions have as their immediate object Jesus, God and man, really present in the most holy Eucharist. The spirit of sacrifice, of humiliation, of scorn for self in the eyes of men, will be illuminated, supported and strengthened by the constant thought of Jesus, humiliated and despised in the Blessed Sacrament.

It will be sweet to abase myself and be ashamed, when I am one with the divine Heart, so ill-treated by men; and when the world treats me with indifference and scorn, my greatest joy will be to seek and find comfort only in that Heart which is the source of all consolations.

I impress upon my mind and will two special practices for daily observation: holy communion and the evening visit, besides the continual invocations with which, like St. Aloysius, I shall make a habit of piercing the Heart of the Word. I am determined to give myself no peace until I can truly say I am absorbed into the Heart of Jesus.

Journal of a Soul
Pope John XXIII