As the Feast of St. Michael approached, St. Gertrude prepared herself for Holy Communion by meditating on the care which the angels had of her, by the Divine command, notwithstanding her unworthiness; and as she desired to render some return to them, she offered in their honor the life-giving Body and Blood of Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament, saying: "I offer Thee this most august Sacrament, O most loving Lord, for Thy eternal glory, in honor of the princes of Thy kingdom, and for the increase of their felicity and beatitude. Then our Lord drew this oblation to Himself in an effable manner, thereby causing the greatest joy to these angel spirits, who appeared even as if they had never before experienced such blessedness and superabounded in delights. Then each of the choirs of angels, according to their rank, inclined respectfully before St. Gertrude, saying: "Thou hast indeed honored us by this oblation, and we will therefore guard thee with special care;" the guardian angels adding: "We will guard thee night and day with ineffable joy, and will prepare thee for thy Spouse with the utmost vigilance.

The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude
Fr. William J. Doheny