"It has been a point of honor with me never to preach in places where Christ's name was already known." –Romans 15:20

Paul focused on proclaiming Christ to people who had never heard of Jesus. We may not have the same call, but we should maximize opportunities to share our faith with unbelievers. For example, we should discern if God is calling us to join groups in which unbelievers participate. This would give us a forum in which to share our faith.

We should invite unbelievers to share meals with us. We love them whether or not they accept the Lord (see Rm 15:7), and want to show it in simple, practical ways. We should develop the habit of striking up a conversation with anybody, even strangers. Sometimes this will open up the opportunity for us to give others the most precious gift, life with Christ. We should also pray to meet unbelievers. We will better recognize opportunities to share our faith if we make ourselves available for the Lord's work with unbelievers.

Finally, like Jesus, we must be willing to suffer at the hands of unbelievers and for their benefit. We want so much for them to live for Jesus that we are willing to die for them.

PRAYER: Father, bring more unbelievers into my life. Help me love them and share You with them.
PROMISE: "God has given me the grace to be a minister of Christ Jesus among the Gentiles, with the priestly duty of preaching the Gospel of God so that the Gentiles may be offered up as a pleasing sacrifice, consecrated by the Holy Spirit." –Rm 15:15-16
PRAISE: St. Charles was made archbishop by his uncle, Pope Pius IV, and aided him at the Council of Trent. Yet he gave up honors, wealth, and esteem to minister to the poor.