Passion Sunday

Crucify him! (Mark 15:13)

St. Francis de Sales once wrote: “I especially commend earnest mental prayer … upon the life and Passion of our Lord. If you contemplate him frequently in meditation, your whole soul will be filled with him, you will grow in his likeness, and your actions will be molded on his.” Francis knew that if we want to see real transformation in our lives, we need to dwell deeply on the cross.

One of the best ways to do this is to imagine yourself in the upper room, in Gethsemane, or on the mount of crucifixion. Picture yourself sitting next to Jesus as he consecrates the bread and wine. What does his voice sound like? What is the expression on his face? Gaze into his eyes as he stands before Pilate and receives his death sentence. Why is he silent? What is going through his mind as he hears the crowd crying out for his crucifixion?

So often we think that what we do is what matters most. It does mat­ter, but what God wants to do in us matters even more. This is why it is so important to contemplate the Passion, opening ourselves to God’s grace as we do.

Fr. Karl Rahner, one of the great theologians of Vatican II, once wrote: “We cannot deny that here below man can have experiences of grace that give him a feeling of liberation, open totally new horizons to him, make a deep impression on him, transform him, shaping, even over a long period of time, his deepest Christian attitude.” This is what really matters! This is how we can become more like Christ.

God wants to fill us with grace as we ponder the Passion this week. He wants to make a deep impression in our souls and cut us to the heart with his love. So look up to heaven every day this week, and thank him for giv­ing himself to you so fully.

“Jesus, I am amazed at your love. Your mercy leaves me at a loss for words. All I can say is Thank You!”