“The one who comes from above is above all.” (John 3:31)

O Lord, sometimes I feel trapped by all the pressure and stress of life. All I can see are my problems, my struggles, my challenges. I feel like I am drowning in a sea of trials. It’s so hard to look above all the things that are pressing on me, demanding my immediate attention!

But you, Jesus, are from above, and you are above all. You have the serenity that comes from your divine perspective, overseeing the raging sea of human emotions. You have seen my beginning and my end, the whole sweep of my existence.

Yes, Lord, you are above all, but that doesn’t mean you are removed from my life or indifferent to my struggles. You don’t hold yourself aloof from me, looking down from an unapproachable distance. You walked this earth and faced hard­ship and struggle yourself. You were deeply familiar with the fluctuations of human emotions, but you never lost your perspective. You never forgot your mission—or that your Father was always with you. And even today, you look down on me with compassion and concern.

You call me to look up, to raise my face to you. You beckon me to see with your eyes, from your heavenly perspective. When my problems loom before me, you lock your gaze on me and remind me that I am your child. You tell me that I am precious to you, that I am destined for eternal life, and that you are always by my side.

I will look up, Lord! I will trust that you are true, that you have brought me to life, and that you will walk with me through all my strug­gles. I believe that I have the hope of eternal life with you in heaven—a hope that I can begin to experience right here and now.

Lord, I believe that you will give me your wisdom and guidance—a wisdom that sees much farther than I ever could on my own. Thank you, Lord, for lifting me out of my earth­bound perspective and opening heaven to me!

“Lord, you have raised me up to share your divine perspective. Right here, right now, I need you to speak to me of the things of heaven. Lord, I look to you and know that you will answer me!”

Acts 5:27-33; Psalm 34:2,9,17-20