“I will bring about the restoration of my people Israel.” (Amos 9:14)

A young mother and father look on their newborn child, and they are filled with love. They have big dreams for this child’s future. Surely he or she will be the most lovely, the most brilliant, the most gifted of all children! Nothing else is possible, because this is their child, the result of their love for each other.

How much greater must God’s hopes and dreams be for our future! We are made in his image; we are the creation of his love. He dreams a future for us that is filled with wholeness, peace, and security. He has plans for our welfare and not for our harm, to give us “a future full of hope” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Today’s reading beautifully expresses this truth. Through the prophet Amos, God told Israel of his dreams for their restoration and blessing. Even though the nation had strayed dangerously from the ways of the Lord and forgotten the covenant with Moses, God did not abandon hope. He held fast to his intentions to prosper them and give them a life of peace. It’s a dream that he still carries for his people today.

But it’s not just Israel. God has the very same dream for each of us. If we or someone we love is hurting, God can bring healing. Even when he seems distant or unresponsive, we can still trust that our Father loves us with an everlasting love and that he is working—even if quietly—to bring all his dreams for us to completion.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see God’s dreams for you become a real­ity? They can, if you embrace them as your own and work to bring them to fulfillment. Every morning, ded­icate yourself to Jesus. At different points during the day, turn your heart back to the Lord and renew your commitment to him. And every evening, examine your conscience and repent for any ways that you strayed. Over time, you’ll find your­self living in greater peace and trust, because you will be more and more convinced of your Father’s steadfast love for you.

So let’s all cooperate with God and follow his ways so that we can know the life he desires for us.

“Father, I praise and thank you for your faithfulness. You lift me up to see the light of a new dawn; you give me hope for the future, because you are with me.”

Psalm 85:9-14 Matthew 9:14-17