“Do not worry.” (Matthew 6:31)

Father, when I think of who you are, I am amazed. You created every­thing, and you have authority and power over all you have made. Yet you call me child, and invite me to call you Father. I can turn to you anytime, anywhere, about anything, and you will hear and answer me. I am never alone, but always in the palm of your hand.

As I go about my day today, Father, I will remember who you are. You order the movement of the stars, you probe the depth of seas, and you count every grain of sand in the deserts. Nothing is hidden from you; nothing alarms you or catches you by surprise. Every one of your decrees is wise and good. You are faithful to every promise you make, for your love and compassion never fail.

Thank you, Father, for embracing me with your compassion. Without fear, I will bring all of my sins and failings to you. I confess that I need your mercy. Time after time you have forgiven me, and you never keep a record of my wrongs. You wash me as white as snow. You pour grace upon me so that I can turn away from the things that rob me of your life. You never grow weary of me; you never tire of hearing my voice when I call to you. Indeed, you rejoice when I turn to you, for that is when I am open to receiving all the good things you have for me.

Father, you surround me com­pletely. In every challenge I will face today, I know you will walk with me and lift me up as I turn to you. I submit my plans to you so that you can direct them. You see what was behind me and what is ahead of me. I lay my anxieties, big and small, at your feet. You are so much greater than all of them. You know every detail of my life, you know every fear and dark shadow in my heart, and still you are not worried. So I will not worry, either.

“Father, thank you for who you are and all that you have done. I put my trust in you. You will never leave me or forsake me!”

2 Chronicles 24:17-25 Psalm 89:4-5,29-34