The Most Holy Trinity

Go, therefore… (Matthew 28:19)

Have you ever started to leave a friend’s house, but then turned turn back to say: “Oh, and one more thing… .” That’s kind of what Jesus does here. Just before he ascends into heaven, he turns to his apostles and tells them one more thing: “Go … and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Teach them. Tell them what you know. Make them students of my life, my Father’s love, and the power of the Spirit. Baptize them—immerse them—in all that it means.

Those words are for us, too. Tell people who the Father is, who the Son is, and who the Holy Spirit is. So here are a few things we can all meditate on today so that we are bet­ter equipped to go out and “make disciples” ourselves.

The Father: He is the creator of the universe who holds us close to his heart. His voice thunders in the heav­ens and whispers quiet words of love in our hearts. He is supreme above all things. He knows us completely and loved us absolutely before we were even conceived.

The Son: He is the image of the invisible God, divine love in human form. Jesus opened the gates of heaven for us and all who believe and are baptized. On the cross, he restored our relationship with God, bringing us back into his embrace. He rescued us from sin and death, and set our feet in the way of peace.

The Spirit: He is a divine gift given to guide and direct us. He leads us in all truth and teaches us God’s mind. Through his indwelling pres­ence, we grow more loving, patient, and joyful. He gives us words of understanding, comfort, and instruction for our day. And he gives us the energy we need to do the things God has called us to do.

Immerse yourself in these truths today. Then go and teach them, remembering that Jesus is always with you!

“Holy Trinity, help me experience your love and life more today, and to tell everyone about you.”