OKLAHOMA CITY (ChurchMilitant.com) - A satanist is planning to protest the Mother of God's virginity by pouring fake blood on a Mary statue outside a church on Christmas Eve.

The leader of the Satanic Church of Ahriman, Adam Daniels, a registered sex offender that has used the alias "Adam Smith," has titled the protest "The Virgin Birth Is a Lie," and says he wants to expose the "lies of the Catholic Church" by adding "another layer of corruption to Mary." He says the Virgin Birth of Jesus is a "fraud."

Daniels obtained a permit to protest on the sidewalk outside of St. Joseph's Old Cathedral on Christmas Eve from 4:30 - 6:15 p.m. Daniels also sent a "Christmas gift" to Abp. Paul Coackley of Oklahoma City. "We rewrote the Mother of Mary thing and put it in a card and we also sent him a corrupted Rosary along with a DVD of what our plans are."

"We want the public to be aware that there are other forms of religion that are free from the enslavement by the Catholic Church," Daniels said, adding that he wasn't concerned about blacklash. "I don't care about outrage. ... [W]e feel this is appropriate."

So far there has been no comment from the archdiocese of Oklahoma City.