From Fragmentation to Wholeness by Father Vincent Youngberg

You are able to listen to Father Vincent Youngberg’s five part talk From Fragmentation to Wholeness on this web site with Father Youngberg’s permission. [Click on the links below.] 

If this is your first time listening we recommend you do so in the order presented.

Self Acceptance


The Enabling Power

Healing and Reconcilliation

Future Church

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CDs and DVDs are normally sold during his Parish Missions. We hope you will support Father Youngberg’s mission by ordering your own copy of a CD and/or DVD by sending a check to:

Rev. Vincent Youngberg, C.P.

1300 US Highway #1

North Palm Beach, FL 33408

At the time of this listing the cost was $23.00 for a set of five CDs or a DVD. Also available was a book expansion of his talks at a cost of $12.00. [Prices included shipping and handling] Prices may have changed.