LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - According to Reggie Littlejohn, President of (WRWF) as reported by The Blaze, China performs 13 million abortions per year. That averages to about 1,500 abortions per hour. 

Catholic Online has previously reported on the incredible brutality of abortion in China. While abortion is a violent form of murder, Chinese officials and doctors take the practice to another level, often subjecting women to even more abuse than they face in other countries such as the US. In China, women routinely suffer forced abortions that can include kidnapping, beating, and forced sterilization - not to mention the incredibly steep fines that follow. 

Unlike in the US, where most women enter the abortion mills willingly (or at least under their own power) Chinese officials take women into custody and march them into the clinic. Some women run away in an attempt to save their children, but often their attempts prove futile as both family and officials hunt them down for their babies. 

For a nation such as China, which is fast becoming a world leader in so many areas, it seems incomprehensible that such barbaric and inhumane practices would persist. 

Once a woman enters the clinic, the experience intensifies. According to the investigative report, which published online discussions between doctors, it is common for babies to be murdered in their ninth month. In many cases, the babies are born alive after induced labor, forcing the mothers to go through the pain of childbirth - to be followed by the brutal murder of their infant child, right before their eyes and ears. 

The online discussions mention babies tied into trash bags and thrown into trash cans labeled "hazardous waste" and left to die. At least one post referred to a child that suffered two days in such conditions before dying. 

To avoid such horrific incidents, some doctors urged others to puncture the baby's skull before it emerges from the womb. 

The gruesome inhumanity of forced abortions in China is perhaps the one that thing is worse than the practice of abortion itself. Regardless of how old the child is when it is killed, abortion is a gruesome process. But when the child is taken from the mother in a routine process that is more akin to forcible rape, Chinese officials have managed to take the horror one step further. 

And as mentioned above, the steep fines imposed after the procedure only ensure the humiliation and inhumanity of the deed persist for months to years afterwards. 

Ultimately, this should serve as a call to action for all men and women worldwide. What happens in China is an example of what happens when abortion becomes a norm and an entrenched social practice. Is there any wonder now why civilized people in the western world so vehemently oppose abortion