Our Lady's Promise Prayer Request Page

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God,

That we may be made worthy of the

promises of Christ.

Prayer Petitioners' Guidelines
We receive many prayer petitions each month, from all over the world. Each of them needs to be approved before publication. At this time we need to give some guidelines for you, our petitioners. They are meant to gain some consistency for petitions as well as avoid libel issues for Our Lady's Promise..
(a) Because this is a public Web site:
1) Do NOT use your or anyone’s last names.
2) Do NOT use e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc.
3) Requests with full names or other identifying information will not be posted.
4) It is not a chat room; please do not include notes to other petitioners.
5) Avoid making accusations about others' faults, sins, etc.
(b) Avoid CAPITAL LETTERS. They are difficult to read.
(c) Excessively long prayers (more than 25-30 lines) will be shortened.
(d) Please, do not post more than two or three prayers a day.
(e) Inappropriate prayer requests cannot be published.
(f) Prayers submitted that require numbers of repetitions, publication, etc. as a guarantee of a favorable answer cannot be published.
(g) Links to external Web sites will not be posted.

We appreciate your use and love for this Web site. We hope you will understand the need for these guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please, do not post more than two or three prayers a day.

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