Our Lady's Promise - Catholic TV Channel

Radio Pittsburgh

Welcome to Radio Pittsburgh (the BURG). Radio Pittsburgh is an Internet outreach ministry for Our Lady's Promise Apostolate.

Broadcasting over the Internet, Radio Pittsburgh's primary mission is to entertain and educate people on a global basis of Our Lady's gifts of the Holy Rosary and Scapular and the harmony between Eastern and Western Catholicism.


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CatholicTV:  A Catholic Television Network

The CatholicTV Network is a completely unique entity in the broadcast industry:  a curiosity to some, a lifeline to others, an effective “always on” tool of evangelization, the friend of many

dioceses, and a source of pride for the Archdiocese of Boston.  From the first suggestion by Msgr. Walter Flaherty to Archbishop Cushing up until the present moment under the leadership of Cardinal Seán O’Malley, this inspired work of the Church has existed to serve the Archdiocese and beyond in the work of evangelization, education and inspiration in the Catholic Faith.  Like any television network, it is truly understood and appreciated only by those who are regular viewers and those who work within it.

The CatholicTV Network resembles other television networks in various ways and degrees:

  • It is a platform for artistic expression – not for profit from advertising revenue, but for bringing souls of regular people closer to Jesus Christ
  • It is a Catholic network, not in its dry catechesis and apologetics, but in its vibrant and varied representation of Catholic Faith and Life
  • It is a “network,” not only in its extension over various delivery systems (cable, satellite, IPTV, Roku, Internet), but also in the networking of a community of Faith, a virtual parish
  • It is a cost-effective syndicator of programing generated by various dioceses and individual producers
  • It is an effective employer of web and social media for extension and promotion
  • Despite a small budget and staff, it is known and recognized in industry circles, both among other networks and with cable providers, as a bona fide player in the powerful world of television